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Become a Guide Dog Benefactor and give freedom to those with vision impairment. Help fund a puppy’s journey from birth right through to being trained as a Guide Dog for someone with vision loss.

Affectionately considered a man’s best friend, some dog breeds have an innate desire to work, making them exceptional service companions. Our Guide Dog Programme harnesses a dog’s guiding ability to enhance the mobility and safety of blind and vision-impaired people.

Guide dogs work exclusively with their users for 7 to 9 years if conditions permit. Therefore, they are more than a mobility aid, providing their users with companionship and increasing their handlers’ confidence and social contact.

Make a difference with your donation!

Fund a Guide Dog Team*: $50,000 donation
or co-fund a Guide Dog Team: $25,000 donation

*Guide Dog Team refers to the vision impaired user and his/her paired guide dog

When you fund a guide dog team, you are providing someone with vision impairment a life-changing experience, and respite to their caregivers.

Your donation will contribute to the breeding, raising and training of the puppy until it is matched and paired with a client.

The Guide Dog Team will also receive continual training, assessments and aftercare support to ensure a safe and viable teamwork.

Follow The Puppy’s Journey

As a Guide Dog Benefactor, you will get to witness the puppies’ training journey to becoming fully-qualified guide dogs. Every puppy’s personality and story is different. You will be the first to receive our regular pupdates and have a chance to meet with the dogs up close and personal during training. You will also be invited to celebrate their success at Graduation Ceremonies.

If you are interested in fully funding or co-funding a Guide Dog Team, do reach out to us.

We rely on the generosity of the community to continue to provide services at no cost to our clients. Your support will have a positive impact on their lives as they experience increased freedom and independence.

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  • Close up of young guide dog Eve
  • Guide Dog Eve in Japan facing its right
Sophie Soon, vision-impaired client wrapping both her arms around her guide dog Orinda on steps

“Orinda (guide dog) has greatly reduced my travelling time, as she is able to avoid obstacles easier and faster than when I had to use my cane. Having Orinda with me has also reduced my physical and mental exhaustion as I do not need to think too much on how to identify and avoid obstacles with a cane. We have travelled to many more places as doing so now is easier than before.”

Ms Sophie Soon, Guide Dog User

Sophie has the independence to live an active and fulfilling life because of the assistance of her Guide Dog Orinda and generous supporters like you.


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Annie Mok
Overcoming the stigma of using a white cane

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We invite you to collaborate with us in supporting the blind and vision impaired community in Singapore through various impactful initiatives. Together, we can foster a more inclusive society for all.

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