White cane user Gerald walking under HDB block with white cane talking to GDS staff


Orientation & Mobility Specialists work with people of all ages who are blind or have low vision. You will utilise knowledge and skills to provide assessment, training, intervention and work with community stakeholders to assist in achieving equity and access for people who are blind or have low vision. As an Orientation & Mobility Specialist, you play a key role in supporting people with vision impairment to gain independence and confidence to become active members of society.


You should be physically fit, accountable, empathetic, enjoy working outdoors and have good interpersonal skills. You should have a degree in Allied Health or a relevant field and demonstrate interests in working in the social sector or with people with disabilities.


  • Assess the ability of clients to travel safely and confidently within area of the community they wish to access;
  • Advise on and prescribe a range of mobility aids and provide specialist services to meet individual needs;
  • In consultation with clients, plan, develop, deliver and evaluate individual or group specialised services in line with clients’ needs identified throughout the assessment process;
  • Perform joint assessments with a multi-disciplinary team as part of the rehabilitative process;
  • Record and maintain training notes in a timely manner;
  • Support Community Partnership and Guide Dog Programme in meeting the company’s goals on community outreach and the use of guide dogs.

Guide Dogs Singapore (GDS) will sponsor you a post-graduate certification to attain the professional accreditations and in return you will serve a bond. The full-time program will combine online learning with an overseas university, face-to-face practical skills, and Work Integrated Learning (WIL). You must be prepared to travel overseas where the university is located to fulfil your practicum hours.

There are currently 5 accredited OMS in Singapore but close to 40,000 residents with vision impairment. The demand for O&M training as part of rehabilitation is rising rapidly and will continue to rise with the aging population.

To apply for the role, please submit your resume and 500-word essay why you have an interest in low vision/blindness rehabilitation to admin@guidedogs.org.sg. Fresh graduates with a relevant degree are welcome to apply.