About Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd (GDS)

Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd (GDS) is a social service organisation formed in 2006. We aim to enhance the quality of life and independence for the blind and vision-impaired community in Singapore through the following programmes and services:

Guide Dogs Singapore has been responsible for successfully training and pairing 11 guide dog teams in our history, of which 6 are currently active. A steadily increasing number of potential clients have also joined our waiting list.


An inclusive society where every blind and vision-impaired person is empowered for independent living.


We are dedicated to help blind and vision-impaired people to achieve their fullest potential within society.


To build a world-class organisation providing excellent service quality and lifelong support to the blind and vision-impaired community.

Our Values

  • Empowerment
    To enable the blind and vision-impaired community to realise their potential and aspirations

  • Dedication
    To promote the interests of the blind and vision-impaired community through close and dedicated partnerships with our stakeholders

  • Inclusiveness
    To promote inclusiveness amongst the society towards the blind and vision-impaired community

  • Accountability
    To always act with accountability and transparency in the course of our work

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Standards Compliance

As a social service agency that advocates for equal rights and inclusive participation on behalf of the vision impaired community in Singapore, we see our move towards being an ESG-focused organisation a natural progression that aligns with the nature of our work.


Staff are strongly encouraged to develop daily habits that reduce their and our carbon footprint and help the environment through these practices:

  • Recycling in the office

  • Going paperless whenever possible by digitalising our operations

  • Green commuting such as carpooling

  • Avoid commuting through virtual meetings and working from home when appropriate

  • Using energy-saving electrical appliances

  • Switching off all lights and aircon when no one is in the office

  • Using personal non-disposal foodware for takeaways

  • Trainers use their own wet bags to store wet umbrellas instead of plastic bags

  • Bringing foldable shopping bags to buy food and store items when needed

  • Through their own initiative, some staff have planted trees in Indonesia and Philippines to reduce carbon footprint through EcoMatcher Tree


GDS ensures the wellbeing of staff and clients by promoting a collegial and inclusive work environment through these policies in place:

  • An annual budget is set aside for staff welfare and professional development

  • Our Human Resource Manual documents procedures on fair, inclusive and equal employment

  • Staff have access to a comprehensive employee handbook to understand their benefits, responsibilities as well as rights, and the appeal process should they have any grievance

  • A whistle-blowing policy is in place to provide an avenue for any employee or stakeholder to raise concerns about actual, suspected or anticipated wrongdoings or improprieties in matters or concerns within GDS

  • Clients are informed of their rights and the appeal process should they have any grievance

  • Establishment of an Advisory Committee that is represented by our clients to ensure a diversity of views that impact our policies and services


As a social service agency with an Institutions of a Public Character (IPC) status, we comply with a governance checklist which we submit to the Commissioner of Charities every year. It covers these broad categories:

  • Board Governance

  • Conflict of Interest

  • Strategic Planning

  • Human Resource and Volunteer Management

  • Financial Management and Internal Controls

  • Fundraising Practices

  • Disclosure and Transparency

  • Documented Communication Policy

Our major donors also have their own ESG policies:

Boehringer Ingelheim

Furthermore, our Board of Directors ensure our investment portfolio aligns with our ESG efforts.


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Dustin Wilburn

Dustin Wilburn
I wanted to nominate a charitable cause to assist those with vision impairments

Ganesan Alagappan

Ganesan Alagappan
Inspires our employees to bring the awareness back home to their family and friends

Amanda Chong

Amanda Chong
I cherish the freedom to travel on my own

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