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We offer training programmes to people with vision loss to help them regain independence and thereby reduce the reliance on caregivers. Training is customised to meet the needs of clients with different levels of vision loss, age, lifestyle and their learning ability.

Our Specialists work with caregivers to make the home a safer environment for family members with vision loss to move around and perform daily living tasks (such as self-care, domestic tasks). We also teach caregivers sight-guiding and more effective communication methods.

Contact us to register with Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd. You may also contact us at 6339 7900.

Long Cane User, Ms Sakinah walking on a path with her white cane and a O&M Instructor beside her

“I never allowed Sakinah (GDS Client) to go out alone because I was worried about her safety. After she completed the Orientation & Mobility training at GDS, she travels to work and meets her friends on her own and I’ve also learned to let go slowly. She is happier now with her new found confidence and freedom. I encourage parents not to be afraid and give their children the opportunity to be independent.”

Mr Zainal, Ms Sakinah's father

“I used to knock into things at home. GDS modified my home environment to make it safer for me to move around. The Orientation & Mobility Specialist also taught me the proper techniques in using the white cane, and built my confidence in travelling to farther places. I also learned to do daily tasks like sorting out my medicine and cooking.

Now I can go to the market, prepare meals and mend clothes for my grandchildren. I feel like I got back my quality of life and am much happier now.”

Mdm Susan Ng, GDS Client in her 60s
Mdm Susan Ng GDS Client in her 60s

Are you suspecting your family member is losing his/her vision? You may wish to look out for these signs.

  • Knocking onto things in the house.

  • Bumping into people when walking outside.

  • Dropping objects and having difficulty to locate them on the floor.

  • More frequent trips and falls inside and outside the house.

Are you looking to support a family member with vision loss through training in assistive technology?

They may benefit from learning:

  • Smartphone Basics
  • Screen Display Settings

  • Adding Contacts
  • Making and Receiving Phone Calls

  • Sending and Receiving Messages

Click here for resources on smartphone training on iOS and Android devices for persons with vision impairment.

If you are keen to find out more about GDS Accessibility and Technology training or workshops, contact us for more information.


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Ms Sakinah

Crossing the road is possible now

Ms Wai Yee

Wai Yee
Loss of sight does not stop interest in sewing

Simone Oh

Simone Oh
Happiness is when I see clients grow to become more independent

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