Smartphone Training

Smartphones have become an essential piece of assistive technology for people with vision impairment (VI) to enhance their daily activities and participation. We are pleased to introduce a web-based toolkit specifically designed to provide comprehensive training and learning support for individuals with VI and their caregivers. In partnership with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), this is part of an initiative under the Digital for Life movement.

Content includes:

  • List of useful apps and accessories recommended for use in the Singapore context

  • Insightful videos on how to navigate through your iPhone or Android

  • Ways you can support someone with vision impairment in learning

  • Tips for tailoring training programmes effectively

  • Hong Sen and Dallon are standing in the middle of the field with guide dog clare. Hong sen and Dallon are using their phone while clare appears to be smiling.
  • A backview of Hong Sen using his latop, with Dallon sitting opposite of him
  • A backview of Hong Sen using his laptop and holding his phone on one hand, with guide dog clare beside him

Our Instructors

Chia Hong Sen - Trainer and Consultant

Chia Hong Sen
Trainer and Consultant

Dallon Au, Trainer, IT (freelance with GDS)

Dallon Au
Trainer, IT (freelance with GDS)


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Gary Lim

Gary Lim
A second time guide dog user

Ms Dawn Sim with GDS Guide Dog

Dawn Sim, Long-time supporter of GDS
My support for Guide Dogs Singapore comes from the desire to help make a difference to somebody else’s life

Christina Teng

Christina Teng
Seeing our clients become more independent with the help of guide dogs

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