Board of Directors

GDS is led by a group of qualified professionals, all of whom are bound together by their love of working dogs and their empathy for the blind or vision impaired. All Board members are not paid any remuneration or director’s fees.


Dr. Wong Hon Tym

Medical Director, NHG Eye Institute, Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Clinical Director, Centre for Healthcare Innovation, Tan Tock Seng Hospital

As an eye surgeon in Singapore, I am painfully aware that there is scant community support available for those who have lost their vision. I wanted to understand and help those who are bravely forging ahead in their own lives, regardless of their vision impairment. And I love dogs, so I was honoured and delighted to be asked on board!

Dr. Wong Hon Tym and guide dog Laurie

Deputy Chairwoman & Secretary

Ms. Lee Sutton

Managing Director, Dynamic PR & Events

I had wanted to give back to the local community after setting up my business here when I read about the challenges a blind man faced in taking the public transport with his guide dog and in accessing public facilities here. I wanted to offer my public relations experience to help increase the awareness of guide dogs and the important work they do.

Ms. Shirley Patricia Sutton and guide dog Clare


Ms. Tan Hwei Lan

Senior Lecturer, Health & Social Sciences, Singapore Institute of Technology

Volunteering at GDS has given me various insights as to what people with vision impairment are capable of doing. I am constantly amazed by the tenacity they show and how, with the right resources (like guide dogs, good orientation and mobility skills, supportive family and friends), they are able to live a meaningful life and fulfil their aspirations. I have also enjoyed working alongside the team of board directors and staff, and am grateful for what they have taught me and the friendships we have forged over the years.

Ms. Tan Hwei Lan and guide dog Clare


Dr. Lennie Lee

Managing Director, The Animal Clinic

As a veterinarian with 42 years experience in canine healthcare, I can help to maintain the guide dogs under GDS’s purview to ensure that they are healthy, fit and alert, so that they can efficiently perform their role. I would also like to help allay the fears of the general public and address other concerns that they may have about guide dogs. In these ways, I can contribute towards our society becoming a more inclusive, compassionate and supportive one towards the vision impaired community and their guide dogs.

Dr. Lennie Lee


Ms. Trina Tan Li Lian

Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic

I had a neighbourhood friend who was blind. Due to his vision impairment, he was very much ‘hidden’ from us. Blindness to me seemed like a contagious disease. We were reacquainted when he entered university and I was roped in as a volunteer to read textbooks into a software that translated the materials into Braille for him. The greatest gift I had received from him was how we had integrated both our worlds to become a more inclusive ‘his and my world’/ Volunteering with GDS is a wonderful possibility for me to continue to build and develop the ‘this AND that’, so that more opportunities can be created for a world that is more inclusive and diverse.

Ms. Trina Tan and guide dog Clare


Mr. John Shum

Partner in King & Wood Mallesons Singapore

I have long been a supporter of charities for people with vision impairment, as well as a long-term dog owner. Since moving to Singapore I first got involved with Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd by offering pro bono legal services. More recently I have been assisting with fund-raising and profile-raising efforts. I have been greatly impressed by the huge impact this organisation can make in an individual’s life, not just through the dogs, but the orientation and mobility training they offer, as well as public education and outreach. It is an honour and privilege to have been asked to join the board.

Mr. John Shum and guide dog Laurie


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Ms Dawn Sim with GDS Guide Dog

Dawn Sim, Long-time supporter of GDS
My support for Guide Dogs Singapore comes from the desire to help make a difference to somebody else’s life

Ms Sakinah

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Dessi Berhane-Silassie
I would recommend Guide Dogs Singapore as an excellent organisation to partner with

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