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Staff Guide Dog Handling Session

Last week we shared how our clients had an experiential walk with a guide dog during a guide dog information session to give our clients a more balanced view between the use of cane and guide dog. To better empathise with our clients, we the staff at Guide Dogs Singapore (GDS) too had an experiential walk ourselves with the help of our Guide Dog Mobility Instructor (GDMI), Christina. We wanted to better understand how guide dogs are handled and worked. Featured in this video is Ms. Trina, one of GDS's director undergoing a guide dog experiential walk whilst blindfolded, with Orinda, our 4 legged assistant of the day. Video description: Ms. Trina is blindfolded as she held on to Orinda's harness while GDMI Christina held on to Orinda's leash. Orinda started walking once the prompt "Forward" was given. Orinda continued guiding Ms Trina in a straight path in a carpark whilst avoiding the back of a car.

Posted by Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd on Sunday, 18 October 2020
Slightly Scarlet interview with Christina, a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor from Guide Dogs Singapore (GDS) ✨

Interview with Christina, a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor from Guide Dogs Singapore (GDS) ✨ Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between using a white cane and a guide dog? Or what's life like for a guide dog puppy? What etiquettes should you take note of when you come across a guide dog at work? Find out more in the interview Christina had with @slightlyscarletofficial team of SMU students. If you have any questions, type it in the comment section below. — Slightly Scarlet is an annual philanthropic event that strives to raise awareness for social causes. To raise funds for us, they are selling self-designed merchandise such as tote bags, gift cards and face masks. Do show your support by purchasing at! ☺️

Posted by Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd on Tuesday, 15 September 2020

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Amanda Chong

Amanda Chong
I cherish the freedom to travel on my own

Jerry Ling

Jerry Ling, Long-term volunteer
The experience has also been enriching.

Lionel Tan

Lionel Tan
I am now holding a full-time job at Apple and studying part-time in Republic Polytechnic.

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