White Cane Users

Amanda Chong

I cherish the freedom to travel on my own

“I craved the ability to travel and move about independently and without always having to be dependent on friends and family members to bring me to places I wanted to go. GDS has taught me valuable cane techniques and skills to keep myself safe when I am walking about outside on my own. Their classes have boosted my confidence and allowed me to feel empowered as I can travel to work on my own now.”

Amanda Chong, 20s
Annie Mok

Overcoming the stigma of using a white cane

“Due to my loss of vision, I have fallen and broke my arm a few times; I also often knocked onto people and got scolded. My doctor at SNEC advised me to get training and use the white cane but I was reluctant and embarrassed to use it. I finally relented and contacted GDS to get training. I am now more confident going out alone with my white cane as people avoid me or even offer help. I now realised the benefits of using the white cane and have not regretted it.”

Annie Mok, 60s
Lionel Tan

A part-time student and gainfully employed

“Before enrolling myself with GDS, I had to depend on others to get around. Now I can navigate and use public transport (buses and trains) by myself. The training also helped me appreciate the use of a white cane, such as detecting the staircase, kerbs and obstacles. I am now holding a full-time job at Apple and studying part-time in Republic Polytechnic.”

Lionel Tan, 20s
Ms Sakinah

Crossing the road is possible now.

“Orientation & Mobility training has equipped me with the skills to get around independently and safely, especially crossing small roads (without traffic lights) and traffic junctions which can be daunting. I also learned techniques to solicit or reject help in public when appropriate. Blind people do not always need help. If I’m in a familiar place, I know my way around and I would reject help from kind strangers.

In the past, when I was alone in a public space, I used to ask “Hi, is there anyone around?” and no one would respond. GDS Specialist taught me to be specific with my question in order to solicit help. Now I ask “Hi, can someone tell me where the bus stop is?”

Ms Sakinah, White Cane User in her 20s

Letting go of over-protecting my daughter

“I never allowed Sakinah (GDS Client) to go out alone because I was worried about her safety. After she completed the Orientation & Mobility training at GDS, she travels to work and meets her friends on her own and I’ve also learned to let go slowly. She is happier now with her new found confidence and freedom. I encourage parents not to be afraid and give their children the opportunity to be independent.”

Mr Zainal, Ms Sakinah's father
Mr Ng Cheng Teck

I can go out and go home on my own, no more restrictions!

“After receiving Orientation and Mobility training from GDS Specialists, I can now travel around via MRT using the Downtown Line and the North-South Line. I have become more confident and happier because I can go out and go home, and take part in social activities on my own. No more restrictions!”

Mr Ng Cheng Teck, White Cane User

Guide Dog Handlers

Sebastian and his guide dog Vogue

Lee Lee & Hesta (2024)

Despite being born with cataracts, Lee Lee has not let her total vision loss hold her back from an accomplished life as a disability access advocate, trainer and small business owner.  

Upon the retirement of her first guide dog, Lee Lee reached out to Guide Dogs Singapore and was successfully paired with Hesta in 2024. Lee Lee describes her guide dogs as facilitators for her independence, safely guiding her to work. 

“Navigating every obstacle has become seamless, and I can get around without colliding into pillars, crowds, or even cyclists or personal mobility device (PMD) riders. I treasure my independence with Hesta as my eyes.” 

Lim Lee Lee, Guide Dog User
Sebastian and his guide dog Vogue

Sebastian & Vogue (2024)

Sebastian has been diagnosed with end-stage Glaucoma, a chronic and progressive eye condition that has left him with limited vision, only able to perceive shadows in one eye and has no vision in the other. 

In his pursuit of independence, Sebastian received Orientation & Mobility training, learning the use of a white cane and honing problem-solving skills for safe travel. Following an assessment of his suitability to be a guide dog user, Sebastian was matched with his guide dog, Vogue, in April 2024. 

With Vogue by his side, he no longer relies on sighted assistance to explore new places, embarking on adventures with newfound independence and assurance. 

“Vogue has significantly changed my life. With her by my side, I feel safer and more confident as we navigate the world together. She effortlessly guides me away from obstacles and potential dangers, allowing me to walk at a faster pace with unwavering confidence.

But Vogue is more than just a guide; she is incredibly intelligent and adaptable. Her ability to adjust to different environments has opened a world of possibilities for us.”

Sebastian Quek, Guide Dog User
Gary and his guide dog Matt

Gary & Matt (2023)

Gary was diagnosed with Glaucoma and began losing his sight in his thirties. He became fully blind in April 2016. In 2015, his friend referred him to Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd. He received Orientation & Mobility training before being assessed on his suitability to be a guide dog user. Thereafter, he was officially paired with his first guide dog, Jordie, on 5 May 2015.

In 2023, Gary was paired with his second guide dog, Matt. With Matt, Gary has regained the freedom and independence he longed for. He trusts that Matt will keep him safe and efficient in their travel.

“Life with my first guide dog, Jordie, has changed things for the better. Jordie has made a positive impact in my life and brings a lot of joy not only to me, but also to my family members.

GDS has matched me with my second guide dog, Matt, who is an amazing and highly intelligent boy. With Matt, he makes travelling a whole lot easier. Having him really has been life-changing and he brings me a lot of joy, happiness and freedom!”

Gary Lim, Guide Dog User
Thomas and Eve

Thomas & Eve (2022)

Thomas was diagnosed with Glaucoma when he was 16. His sight started to deteriorate in his early 20s, which led to blindness eventually.

Thomas first knew about guide dogs in Australia in 2002 and wanted the independent life that a guide dog brings. He was successfully paired with Eve in 2022, making them GDS’s tenth guide dog team. Eve gives Thomas the gift of independence and freedom to do what he wants to do.  Now, he can go out for a morning run with Eve confidently before 5:30 am without depending on sighted help.

“Having Eve around is the greatest turning point in my life. I am more confident in travelling to new places with Eve as I trust that she can navigate past obstacles and bring me to the correct footpath. The most amazing thing is, I will always have a reliable companion beside me.”

Thomas, Guide Dog User
Bessie and Jade

Bessie & Jade (2022)

When Bessie realised that her sight was deteriorating to the point where she could not discern depth anymore, she was constantly worried about tripping and missing steps.

After being successfully paired with Jade in 2022, Jade has helped Bessie to cope with her vision loss greatly. Now, Bessie has become more confident in travelling around Singapore independently.

“Jade is a precious gift to me and I thank GDS and its donors for giving me the gift of mobility and companionship. Whenever I feel Jade sleeping with her belly up at home, I am comforted knowing that she feels safe with me.”

Bessie, Guide Dog User
Alvin Ng and Laurie

Alvin & Laurie (2022)

Alvin Ng lost his eyesight at 31 in abrupt and unexpected circumstances, due to complications during his coma suffered from a rare auto-immune disease. Living in a world of darkness, Alvin was devastated by the loss of his eyesight and his future dreams. He was paired with Seretta in 2012, his first guide dog, who gave him a newfound sense of peace and patience. Seretta has retired from her guide dog duties in 2022.

Alvin was then paired with a new guide dog, Laurie. They underwent training together and the pair graduated in 2022. Since then, Laurie has been nothing but a sweet addition to the family and a joy to be around.

“Working with a guide dog is a life-enhancing process. Before I had Seretta, I was using my white cane to travel. Seretta is now retired but I will still bring her to the park connector to meet her doggie friends. GDS has paired me with another guide dog, Laurie, and I can see that Laurie is a very smart, intelligent and hardworking dog. Besides helping me with travelling, Seretta and Laurie also provide me with emotional support and I know that I will always have two trustworthy companions by my side.”

Alvin Ng, Guide Dog User
Sophie Soon and Orinda

Sophie & Orinda (2020)

Sophie and her guide dog, Orinda, is GDS’s seventh guide dog team. They were successfully paired in the beginning of 2020. Sophie is a para-swimmer for Team Singapore, and a full-time Athlete.

Her condition of cone rod dystrophy has not stopped her from juggling both music and sports, and she competed in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

“I’ve always wanted a guide dog since I was eleven years old. In 2018, I called GDS and about a year plus later, I was matched with Orinda. While the white cane has been helpful in many ways, it slows me down. With Orinda, she is very confident in weaving through crowds and has helped me walk a lot faster. But she is also much more than just a guide dog, she reduces my anxiety, brings joy to my family and I, and now our family is even closer. Our lives are so intertwined I can’t imagine living without her.”

Sophie Soon, Guide Dog User
Hong Sen and his guide dog Clare

Hong Sen & Clare (2017)

Hong Sen was born with Retinal Dystrophy; he only has the perception of light and shadow, and can differentiate colours to a certain extent. After his doctor suggested for him to get a Guide Dog, he explored the possibility. The strong desire to live a truly independent life propelled his decision to get a Guide Dog. In 2017, he was paired and matched with his guide dog, Clare.

Today, Hong Sen holds a Degree in Management and Digital Innovation and is working at GDS as an IT Consultant and Trainer where he trains and equips other visually impaired clients with skills on using assistive technology to use mobile phones and other devices.

“Clare is the best mobility aid, enabling me to travel more safely and efficiently – but she is so much more than that. She is now my closest companion and best friend, and she empowers me with greater freedom and confidence every day. Clare is now an invaluable part of my life.”

Hong Sen, Guide Dog User
Loolan and her guide dog Ria

Loo Lan & Ria (2016)

In Loving Memory of Loo Lan:

At the peak of her career, Loo Lan was diagnosed with a genetic vision condition that led her to leave her job as an architect designer. To remain mobile and independent, she learnt to use the white cane through GDS’s Orientation & Mobility training and applied for a guide dog.

Her guide dog, Ria, was more than a mobility aid. While Loo Lan was fighting breast cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, Ria was there to support her by providing companionship, sparked happiness and empowered her with the confidence she needed to walk with her head held high. She was able to regain the active lifestyle she had longed for.

Ria is now retired and has been adopted by a loving family friend to live the rest of her life.

“I love animals, and a guide dog brings me companionship and joy. More importantly, it has enabled and allowed me to regain the active lifestyle that I longed for again.”

Loo Lan, Guide Dog User
Dennis and his guide dog Melba

Dennis & Melba (2014)

Dennis developed Retinitis Pigmentosa, having only light perception. As his vision gradually worsened over the years, it became increasingly difficult for him to function independently. The biggest challenge was when he lost the ability to move around on his own.

Dennis was paired with his guide dog, Melba in February 2014. While being blind was not by choice, he feels fortunate to have been given the opportunity to have a wonderful guide dog like Melba.

“My life has improved tremendously. With a guide dog as my trusted companion, I can travel even faster and safer. I can again lead an active lifestyle and rebuild my career as a Financial Services Manager.”
Dennis, Guide Dog User

Independent Living Skills

Ms Wai Yee

Loss of sight does not stop interest in sewing

“I learnt sewing so that I can eventually mend my clothes or repurpose some of my older clothes. So far, I have learnt how to sew buttons, and if they come loose I can fix them back on. I hope that one day I will be able to make a dress, or sew some of my old t-shirts into a bag or something.”

Ms Wai Yee

Accessibility & Technology

Ms Pei Yueng

Managing daily activities with assistive technology

“GDS has taught me how to use assistive technology like screen readers to help me with various applications, reading emails and shopping online. Now, I can use GrabFood to order dinner for my parents, which saves me loads of time. Thanks to GDS, I am more confident in using my phone and PC.”

Pei Yueng

Client-Centric Activities

Chia Zhe Hui

This camp changed my perspective and I have gained courage!

“Overall experience was great, trying new things I never did before, like abseiling and high elements. I was afraid before due to my sight loss, so I dared not try. But this camp changed my perspective and gave me courage to do them!”

Chia Zhe Hui, Client for 2019 Client Camp
James Chiang

Such activities allow me to be more active!

“Thanks Guide Dogs for always organising outings and also getting befrienders and volunteers to come along to the outings. Such activities allow me to move around more, encouraging me to be active. I hope that GDS would organise more!”

James Chiang, Client for 2019 Bicentennial Experience


Christina Teng

Seeing our clients become more independent with the help of guide dogs

“To see the dogs that I train acquire proficiency in their guiding skills and being matched with their users; and then to see the dogs bond and progress with their users into a fully fledged team is a job satisfaction like no other. Especially so when I see clients move to greater independence and fuller life with their dogs.”

Christina Teng, Guide Dog Mobility Instructor
Simone Oh

Happiness is when I see clients grow to become more independent

“Being an Orientation and Mobility Specialist has made me discover my passion for teaching. I enjoy being on the go, going to different places and meeting different people. For me, the greatest satisfaction comes from clients’ effort in wanting to improve their mobility skills and watching them grow to become independent travellers in their own time and capacity. I am thankful to be able to enjoy what I do.”

Simone Oh, Orientation and Mobility Specialist


Ching Hui Ru

I get to learn more about the Vision-Impaired Community!

“Volunteering with GDS has been a really awesome experience because I not only got to learn more about the vision-impaired (VI) community, I also met many like minded individuals who have a passion for this community. Together, we get to raise awareness about the VI community and get to see the change of the public towards them. I also learnt a lot from the staff of GDS and their warmth and friendliness are something I will never forget. Most importantly, having worked with GDS has confirmed my interest and passion in the disability sector.”

Ching Hui Ru, Long-term Volunteer from SUSS

We should spare our time and resources to build more awareness to society

“I have volunteered with GDS a few times. Believe it’s a good initiative as GDS helps people with vision impairment be independent and gain life skills. GDS is not just limited to guide dogs, but training those with white cane as well. Entire charity is self-funded, so believe we should spare our time and resources to help and build more awareness to society. It’s really a good cause.”

Choong Wei Hing

The experience has also been enriching

“I have been volunteering with GDS and I enjoy helping them as their work is very meaningful. The experience has also been enriching. Their events are great ways to meet new people and get to know the organisation better. Everyone has been very helpful. My experience volunteering with GDS has been very good and they make the whole volunteering experience very great. Thank you to all the volunteers and staff I have met. I’ll join again!”

Jerry Ling, Long-term volunteer



Inspires our employees to bring the awareness back home to their family and friends

“At TechnipFMC, we are proud to be a partner of GDS and to have had the privilege of witnessing the meaningful social impact they have brought to the community all these years. The partnership and personal engagement also inspires our employees to bring the awareness of this social cause back home to their family and friends. From Kendra to Seretta, we look forward to making friends with many more GDS clients and their guide dogs.”

Ganesan Alagappan, Human Resources Director, Singapore & Surface International, TechnipFMC


National Gallery Singapore Outreach Talk Guide Dogs Singapore

We’re able to understand more on how to assist people with vision impairment better now

“We have received a lot of good feedback from our colleagues and many of them are now more aware of the different types of vision impairment and how they can better assist Vis and their guide dog, not just in the Gallery but also when they encounter them in the public.”

Ms Alicia Teng, from National Gallery
Kheng Cheng School

We’ve learned a lot about vision impairment and the community!

“It was our pleasure to collaborate with GDS and invite them to Kheng Cheng School for an outreach programme. The students were appreciative and learned a lot about vision impairment, the vision-impaired, and how guide dogs are able to help.”

Aloysius Fu, Teacher from Kheng Cheng School


Science Centre Singapore logo

We would like to thank Guide Dogs Singapore following their impactful outreach at Science Centre Singapore

During the World Autism Awareness Day event at Science Centre Singapore, Guide Dogs Singapore’s initiative to share more about Braille and demonstrate how people with vision impairment utilise tech gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets through simple games was met with great enthusiasm from our guests. We would like to thank Ashley, Cheyenne, Hong Sen and guide dog Clare as these activities and sharing engaged our guests including families with young children and provided valuable insights into the daily lives of individuals with visual impairment.  

Guide Dogs Singapore’s dedication to enhancing the quality of life and independence for the blind and visually-impaired community resonated well with our event’s theme of enhancing awareness and foster a deeper understanding of diverse abilities, including Autism, and other special needs, among the general public. By broadening awareness and understanding of different disability types, Guide Dog Singapore’s involvement not only enriched the event but also offered a deeper understanding of the strengths and abilities of individuals with visual impairments. 

Their commitment to creating a more inclusive and empathetic society is truly inspiring, and their efforts have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on our guests. We are grateful for Guide Dogs Singapore’s valuable contribution and look forward to future collaborations that continue to promote inclusivity and understanding within our community.

SCS Inclusion Team, Science Centre Board
IHS Markit

I would recommend Guide Dogs Singapore as an excellent organisation to partner with

“The session conducted by the outreach team was both informational and engaging. The team shared information relating to the Guide Dogs Programme starting with the initial phase of training and matching, the ways guide dogs assist their handlers and finally legislation related to guide dogs in Singapore. Our colleagues found the tips that were provided on guiding a person with vision impairment especially useful.

Colleagues also had a great time interacting with a vision-impaired client and his guide dog. The experience shared by the client provided colleagues with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the role of guide dogs, and of the challenges faced by persons with vision impairment in our community.

I would like to express our deepest appreciation to the team for taking time to conduct this session and I would recommend Guide Dogs Singapore as an excellent organisation to partner with in creating an inclusive community.”

Dessi Berhane-Silassie, Vice President. APAC General Counsel and Global Head of IP Legal, Global Divisional General Counsel, Regulatory & Risk, IHS Markit
Horsburgh Lodge

I wanted to nominate a charitable cause to assist those with vision impairments

“Why we choose to donate to GDS? I have a vision impairment (optical atrophy) and have been blind in my left eye since birth. This condition almost always affects both eyes and I feel fortunate to be blessed with the sight I do have. As the head of Horsburgh Lodge this year, I wanted to nominate a charitable cause to assist those with vision impairments and the brethren of Horsburgh Lodge and of the District of the Eastern Archipelago responded with their usual charitable vigour. How would I encourage others: Guide Dogs Singapore is a home-grown charitable organisation who work tirelessly providing services and support directly to the vision-impaired community here in Singapore. As a relatively small organisation, donations to GDS can have a significant impact, directly benefiting individuals in our community.”

Mr Dustin Wilburn, Horsburgh Lodge
Team Lewis Logo

I am delighted that TEAM LEWIS Foundation has given me the opportunity to contribute to GDS in their ongoing efforts, supporting the power of these four-legged heroes to restore the confidence and self-reliance of individuals with vision impairments.

“Their incredible work goes far beyond providing adorable, well-trained guide dogs. They are dedicated to empowering individuals with sight loss to lead fulfilling lives by offering comprehensive support and life-changing services.”

Cris Xiong, Senior Insights & Analytics Manager, APAC, TEAM LEWIS


Dawn Sim

My support for Guide Dogs Singapore comes from the desire to help make a difference to somebody else’s life

“My support for Guide Dogs Singapore comes from the desire to help make a difference to somebody else’s life and world and in this case, being able to bring more light to their life as they are able to move around beyond just their familiar surroundings with the assistance of a Guide Dog. I think that is something that we all need to try and do a little bit more of, to be able to lend a hand to those who need it, and make the world a better place.”

Dawn Sim, Long-time supporter of GDS
Dawn Sim

My support for Guide Dogs Singapore is fuelled by my love for dogs and the desire to help and empower the visually impaired community

“My support for Guide Dogs SG is fuelled by my love for dogs and the desire to help and empower the visually impaired community. I believe guide dogs are great emotional companions but also intelligent mobility aids, able to lend sight to their handlers so they can lead a more free and independent life. I wish to raise more awareness about the visually impaired community here and how everyone can help in their own way so we can hopefully have a more accepting and inclusive community.”

Fiona Fussi, Supporter of GDS


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