Our Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs are specially bred from a lineage of guide dogs to retain the right working temperament and health.

In Guide Dogs Singapore, our dogs are a mix between Labrador and Golden Retriever. At this moment, we do not breed our own dogs. We bring in young dogs around 12 to 14 months old from our overseas breeders. These dogs have completed the puppy raising stage, and assessed to be suitable to proceed to the next stage of training.

The next stage is a six-month training conducted in Singapore by our Guide Dog Mobility Instructor. When the dog is ready to be matched with its handler, the pair will undergo three to four weeks of training together to bond and work as a Guide Dog team.

Guide Dogs Singapore has been responsible for successfully training and pairing 11 guide dog teams in our history, of which 6 are currently active. A steadily increasing number of potential clients have also joined our waiting list.

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  • Two guide dogs with working harness beside their handlers on the grass
  • Two guide dogs with working harness lying on the floor of a bus
  • A white guide dog with its tongue sticking out looking happy


The sweetest boy and a true gentleman, Matt will definitely conquer your heart with his intelligence and cuteness. When he is in his working harness, Matt is extremely focused and attentive in keeping Gary safe and efficient in their travel.

Gary and his guide dog Matt


The cheekiest girl on our team, Eve is a bundle of energy who loves to play! When her harness is on, she is all business and expertly guides her handler, Thomas. Eve has helped Thomas gain confidence to do things independently. Eve is so much more than just a guide to Thomas, she is a confidante, companion and best friend.

Thomas and his guide dog, Eve


As sweet as sugar, Jade is an incredibly smart and well-behaved girl. Despite being a fresh graduate, Jade is already excellent and highly qualified at helping her handler, Bessie, lead a more independent and less stressful life by avoiding obstacles smoothly. Seeing Jade will definitely bring a smile to your face!

Bessie and her guide dog Jade


A well-mannered, energetic, and friendly boy, Laurie’s zest for life is as boundless as his dedication to his role as a guide dog. A sweetheart to be around, Laurie is very focused and attentive to Alvin, his handler, when working. However, it’s not all work and no play for Laurie. When his harness is off, Laurie is full of energy and loves to play with everyone.

Alvin, a vision-impaired Client and his new Guide Dog, Laurie


Our smallest working Guide Dog, Orinda, is a bundle of energy. When it comes to work, she is sharp and serious about guiding her busy handler, Sophie, from place to place. But once her work harness is off, she is a playful girl who loves her squeaky toys.

Sophie and her guide dog Orinda


Ever since her handler, Hong Sen, was employed as an IT Consultant and Trainer with GDS in 2020, Clare has become our resident office dog. This girl with her teddy bear face and expressive eyebrows has been settling in nicely in our workspace.

Hong Sen and his guide dog Clare

Retired Guide Dogs

This section is dedicated to our retired guide dogs who have finished their time as working Guide Dogs and are currently happily retired.


Retired in 2022

Melba was paired with her handler, Dennis, in February 2014. For eight years, Melba helped Dennis travel to places safely and efficiently, including his workplace, which enabled him to continue contributing his professional capabilities despite his loss of vision. She also provided him with companionship and emotional support. Melba greatly improved Dennis’ quality of life, empowering him to lead a more fulfilling and independent one. A confident, hardworking, and vigilant guide dog, now it’s time for Melba to enjoy her well-deserved retirement.

  • Guide Dog Melba is standing on grass and smiling at the camera with her tongue poking out
  • Dennis and Melba at Christmas Tree
  • Guide Dog Melba is sitting on the grass and smiling
  • Dennis standing at the roadside with Melba looking up at him
  • Dennis is kneeling next to his guide dog, Melba. Melba is lying beside dennis, smiling at the camera with her tongue out


Retired in 2021

Our social butterfly, Ria, has been paired with Loo Lan since 2016. Whenever Ria is not working, she knows how to have a good time with her friends! During her time working as a Guide Dog, Ria has travelled to many countries, straddling her life in two counties each year with Loo Lan. To Loo Lan, Ria was more than just a mobility aid. Ria was her family and her happiness. Ria has retired in 2021 and Guide Dogs Singapore have arranged for her to be adopted by a loving family friend to live happily with for the rest of her life.

  • Ria

Guide Dog Angels

This section is dedicated in memory of our guide dogs who have devoted their working years to the lives of people with vision loss. They will be missed dearly.


Passed on 14 November 2022

“For nine years, Seretta was my pair of eyes and faithful companion. She has made such a positive impact on my life, keeping me safe in my travels. Along with helping me gain independence in my daily living, Seretta also brings my family and me a lot of love and happiness.”

Alvin Ng, GDS guide dog user

  • Guide dog Seretta smiling
  • Alvin and his guide dog Seretta
  • Seretta on the bus
  • Close up of Seretta crossing the road
  • Alvin and Seretta walking through a park connector


Passed on 2 April 2022

“Life with Jordie has changed things for the better. He has made a positive impact on my life and brings a lot of joy not only to me but also to my family members. I feel a sense of pride after being paired with him as he is an amazing dog who is also highly intelligent.”

Gary Lim, GDS guide dog user


Passed on 21 August 2020

“Esme’s career as a guide dog is a testament to the tremendous difference an assistance dog can make in the life of a disabled person. She is a symbol to me of what dignity means for someone who is blind. Esme guided me to safety with poise and confidence when I needed to go anywhere. I would not have the professional success I have today if it were not for Esme.”

– Cassandra Chiu, former GDS guide dog user

  • Baby Esme lying with face up
  • Baby Esme lying with head on the floor


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Gary Lim

Gary Lim
A second time guide dog user

Ms Dawn Sim with GDS Guide Dog

Dawn Sim, Long-time supporter of GDS
My support for Guide Dogs Singapore comes from the desire to help make a difference to somebody else’s life

Christina Teng

Christina Teng
Seeing our clients become more independent with the help of guide dogs

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