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We focus on building skills that enhance independent living and quality of life for people with vision loss. Each training programme is customised to cater to different lifestyles, varying degrees of vision loss, and across all ages. The goal is to empower people with vision loss the ability to continue living their lives in a self-sufficient manner.

Man with hand holding white cane and befriender at the side

Orientation and Mobility

We train our clients on techniques to travel safely with the use of mobility aids (e.g. the white cane), technology, mental-mapping and other senses.

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Two pairs of people each with a guide dog handler holding harness of a guide dog and another hand holding a volunteer

Guide Dogs

This is another form of mobility aid for people with vision loss. We train Guide Dogs and match them with suitable clients.

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Two vision-impaired persons holding on thread and needles

Independent Living Skills

We train our clients on techniques to perform their own daily tasks in the home or community.

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An instructor guiding a low-vision Client looking at his smart phone

Accessibility and Technology

Our training curriculum includes the use of mobile phone accessibility functions (VoiceOver on iOS and TalkBack on Android), PC and related solutions, and assistive technology solutions.

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Who We Support

  • People with Vision Loss
    People who are blind or have some form of vision impairment, also known as vision loss. It is a decreased ability to see, which means to a degree that causes problems not fixable by usual means, such as glasses.

  • White Cane Users
    People with vision loss who use the white cane as a form of mobility aid.

    White cane: It helps a person with vision loss detect obstacles in their paths in order to travel safely.

    Symbol/ID cane: It is a short cane which does not usually touch the ground. In addition, the symbol/ID cane can be held across the body. This is to identify the person holding it as having some form of vision loss.

  • Guide Dog Users
    People with vision loss who use Guide Dogs as a form of mobility aid.

  • GDS Staff Teaching Visually Impaired Client Gerald how to cut vegetables
  • A vision-impaired man walking up the staircase holding a white cane
  • Hong Sen walking on the pavement with his guide dog Clare wearing a working harness beside him

Client-Centric Activities

We encourage our clients to be active in the community and practice their acquired skills in their daily lives. To do this, we organise Client-Centric Activities such as social outings and workshops. This provides opportunities to build social connections, pick up knowledge and new skills.

Outreach & Advocacy

People with vision loss are under-represented in Singapore. As part of our Outreach and Advocacy efforts, we aim to build an inclusive and safe nation where they can have equal access to employment and social participation. We also advocate and promote the use of guide dogs to enhance the quality of life for people with vision loss.

We do this through training workshops and outreach talks to our community partners such as government agencies, transport companies, social service agencies and medical/allied health professionals.

We also provide consultancy to companies that are keen to employ people with vision loss or wish to make their information accessible to people with vision loss.

  • SMRT Outreach Talk
  • National Health Care Group Outreach Talk
  • Outreach Talk At An Elderly Home
  • Outreach SOTA students experiencing walking with white canes


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Ms Dawn Sim with GDS Guide Dog

Dawn Sim, Long-time supporter of GDS
My support for Guide Dogs Singapore comes from the desire to help make a difference to somebody else’s life

Lionel Tan

Lionel Tan
A part-time student and gainfully employed

Mr Ng Cheng Teck

Ng Cheng Teck
I can go out and go home on my own, no more restrictions!

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