Apply To Be A Guide Dog User

Guide Dogs are provided to competent clients who fulfill the requirements that will enable them to be a potential fit as a Guide Dog User. This is to ensure that the working relationship is successful.

Guide Dogs work exclusively with their users for eight to ten years if conditions permit. They are more than a mobility aid. As companions to their users, they increase their users’ confidence and social contact.

Prerequisites to the Guide Dog Programme

  • Basic Orientation and Mobility skills

  • Regular Independent Routes

  • Attend a Guide Dog Information Session
  • Complete a Guide Dog Assessment

If your application is successful, you will be placed on the waitlist for GDS to find compatible dogs to match with. If you do not have the basic O&M skills, our O&M Specialists will provide you with the necessary training.

Once a Guide Dog has been matched with its user, our Guide Dog Mobility Instructor will train both the dog and its user to ensure that they can establish a good working relationship. Guide Dogs have been proven to make travelling safer and also more efficient for their users.

Continual Training and Support

The Guide Dog and its user, collectively known as the Guide Dog Team will receive continual training and support from us. This is to ensure that the partnership between the user and Guide Dog is viable and healthy in the long run.

  • Regular Guide Dog Team Follow-Ups
    Initially, there are the first, third and sixth monthly review sessions with a GDMI in the first year after completion of your training. Subsequently, an annual team review will be done throughout the working life of your Guide Dog.
  • Support to Learn New Routes
    Life circumstances can change over a lifetime. Thus, we provide support to the Guide Dog Team in learning new travel routes throughout the working life of your Guide Dog.
  • General Consultation and Support for Dog Care
    You are provided with subsidised vet consultation at Guide Dog Singapore’s designated vet clinics. We also advise you on the dog handling and care for your Guide Dog.
  • Access and Advocacy
    We support you in educating establishments and the public on Guide Dog access.


Guide Dog Information Session

We hosted a guide dog information session for our clients with Guide Dog Mobility Instructor (GDMI), Christina. The purpose of the session was to give our clients a more balanced view between the use of cane and guide dog while dispelling some misconceptions about guide dog use. To allow our clients to gain some insight on the differences between travelling with a cane and guide dog, our clients went through an experiential walk with our 4 legged assistant, Orinda. GDMI Christina was there to guide them through with instructions and cues, she also held on to Orinda’s leash while the client held onto Orinda’s harness. In this video, features Nurul a cane user with her experiential walk! P.s: Orinda's handler, Sophie was busy being the guest speaker of the day! Video description: GDMI Christina giving Nurul some instructions before cueing Orinda and Nurul to start walking. Nurul is holding on to Orinda's harness while Christina is holding on Orinda's leash. As they began walking along the corridor, Nurul started off anxious as she was shuffling her feet. After Christina gave Nurul some prompts, Nurul appeared more relaxed and confident. Orinda continued guiding Nurul as she followed some directional commands and avoided some obstacles before reaching an office door as their final destination.

Posted by Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd on Monday, 12 October 2020

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Gary Lim

Gary Lim
A second time guide dog user

Ms Dawn Sim with GDS Guide Dog

Dawn Sim, Long-time supporter of GDS
My support for Guide Dogs Singapore comes from the desire to help make a difference to somebody else’s life

Christina Teng

Christina Teng
Seeing our clients become more independent with the help of guide dogs

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