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Close your eyes and imagine a life where the simple act of commuting turns into an overwhelming challenge. In this reality, the loss of sight can steal your independence, making everyday tasks that once felt easy, now seem impossibly hard.  Now, think about how a guide dog can help you live a life filled with hope, self-sufficiency, and the newfound freedom to navigate the world with ease.

Guide dogs are specially trained to assist people who are blind or have low vision. From avoiding obstacles to safely crossing the streets, guide dogs become the trusted allies that empower their blind users to lead lives filled with dignity and purpose. For instance, a guide dog helps its blind user navigate through daily challenges, ensuring a safe journey when they travel from home to work. This support builds their ability in independent travel, giving them the confidence to hold onto their job and make meaningful contributions to society.

In conjunction with International Guide Dog Day, which falls on 24 April, we invite you to join us from March to May to raise the next generation of guide dogs and celebrate the role they play in assisting people with vision impairment (VI). Your support will contribute to the training of these incredible service animals and strengthen our ongoing efforts to spread awareness and acceptance of guide dogs in Singapore.

As a self-funded charity, we rely on donations to fund our work. Every dollar you donate brings us closer to pairing more guide dog teams, enhancing the mobility and confidence of someone with VI for up to nine years.

All donations to GDS during our campaign period till 31 May 2024 are matched dollar-for-dollar by Tote Board. This means when you donate $100, GDS will receive $200 in total and your contribution will double in its impact. All direct donations to GDS of minimum S$20 are eligible for a 250% tax exemption. This means that a S$1,000 donation would result in a S$2,500 deduction on your tax assessment.

If you would like to help raise funds for us to continue providing lifelong, sustainable support to the vision impaired community, here’s how you can make a donation via our online portals:

A Message to My Guide Dog

Guide dog user Hong Sen posing for a photo with his guide dog Clare.
GDS guide dog user Hong Sen with his guide dog, Clare.

“Dear Clare, it has been seven years since you started this journey with me. Life may not always be easy, but you made it easier.”

Thanks to my guide dog Clare, I can navigate through crowds with ease. The fear of accidentally tripping someone with my white cane is now replaced with confidence in Clare’s ability to target landmarks and guide me at a faster pace. – Hong Sen, Guide Dog User Since 2017

Sophie and her guide dog Orinda
GDS guide dog user Sophie with her guide dog, Orinda.

“To my little Rinda, you gave me back a level of confidence and freedom I thought I would never feel again. I never thought walking through large crowds could be so fun, and not fearing that I would crash into anything. Thank you, Orinda, for being you, and no one could or would ever replace you.”

My guide dog Orinda has boosted my confidence and efficiency in independent travel, effortlessly weaving through crowds at speeds that I could never do with my white cane. Beyond her role as a guide, she is the lively spark that fills our home with joy, making our family bond even tighter. – Sophie, Guide Dog User Since 2020

 Your Organisation’s Commitment to Inclusivity

A GDS guide dog user stands at the front of the room and gives a sharing session, while his yellow Labrador guide dog peacefully sleeps beside him.

Foster awareness and highlight your organisation’s commitment to inclusivity through an outreach session for your employees. During the session, we will invite a guide dog team or VI client to share their personal journey of living with vision loss. This talk aims to enlighten attendees about the VI community and guide dogs in Singapore.

As a token of gratitude, GDS is offering a complimentary outreach talk to organisations that donate S$1,000 and above

GDS is a non-profit voluntary welfare organisation, and has been accorded Charity status by the Commissioner of Charities. We are registered with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) as an associate member and holds an Institute of Public Character status.
Contribute to GDS and make a difference.