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GDS Staff teaching visually impaired client Gerald how to cut vegetables in a safe manner
GDS Staff teaching visually impaired client Gerald how to cut vegetables in a safe manner

Season’s Greetings!

This past year has been filled with challenges aplenty, be it ever-changing restrictions or uncertainties for the future. In spite of these difficulties, 2021 has proven that all of us are able to adapt and stay united to pull through this pandemic.

We at Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd (GDS) have continued our best efforts to support our clients in every way we can, by empowering them and assisting their goal of leading independent and fulfilling lives. This is something we could not have done without your kind support and donations, which enables us to provide the necessary training to our clients, equipping them with skills to regain confidence and get back on their feet.

As we approach the end of the year, it is the time for us to give back and be thoughtful to the needs of those with visual impairment (VI) in our midst this festive season.

Join us in celebrating this Season of Giving (SOG) 2021 this December to January, as we commemorate the determination and perseverance demonstrated by our friends with visual impairment. Through the campaign, we will be able to give back to the needs of people with VI and help them to regain their independence through our training.

If you would like to make a contribution, you may do so via our online campaigns or various donation channels. 

If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved, contact us at / 6339 7900.

We are deeply grateful for your continued support towards our work and thank you for not leaving the VI community behind.

In conjunction with this campaign, we will also be releasing exclusive merchandise bundles this holiday. We hope that you would consider purchasing our limited edition sets as a gift to your family and friends. Click the button below to view the items on our shop!

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Keen to learn more about what visual impairment is, or have a burning question to ask our visually impaired friends? Join our Facebook LIVE event as we address misconceptions on the visually impaired community and destigmatise vision loss.

Date: Monday, 6 December 2021
Time: 8:30PM to 9:30PM
Location: Virtual session via Facebook LIVE

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today by clicking the button below!


  1. The Visually Impaired Community in Singapore – Are they that different from us sighted individuals?
  2. What is the current accessibility like for visually impaired persons and their guide dogs?
  3. Looking Beyond a Person’s Vision Loss: Misconceptions vs Reality
  4. Sharing of Challenges and Funny Encounters by GDS Clients
We hope to see you there!

Thank you for bringing a light of hope to them and their caregivers this festive season. On behalf of all of us at GDS, have a wonderful festive celebration with your family and friends!

GDS is a non-profit voluntary welfare organisation, and has been accorded Charity status by the Commissioner of Charities. We are registered with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) as an associate member and holds an Institute of Public Character status.
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