Guide Dogs Singapore (GDS) is happy to share the #UnAwkward campaign by SG Enable, which is an agency dedicated to enabling persons with disabilities. Our mission has always been to provide vital rehabilitation services and support to the blind and vision impaired community in Singapore, and sharing this campaign aligns perfectly with our vision of a more inclusive society.

A white cane user using a white cane walks with a bag of groceries, while a passerby glances at him while holding a phone. It is accompanied by the text "He can't see. But she doesn't know where to look'.

We sensed those moments of hesitation and uncertainty when people are unsure of how to interact with others who have vision impairment. Those awkward pauses and fumbled words can create a sense of isolation. The #Unawkward campaign is a call to action to break down these invisible barriers, to encourage open-hearted conversations, and to promote inclusivity.

A laughing child uses a phone, while another child gazes at her while holding a book. It is accompanied by the text "He's special. He can't turn away".
A woman sits in her wheelchair, using a laptop, while her colleague across from her wears a puzzled expression. It is accompanied by the text "She's lost her hands. And he's lost for words".

Connecting and understanding individuals who have different abilities is not just a responsibility, it’s an opportunity to grow, learn, and build a more inclusive society.

So, let’s embark on this journey together. Click the link below to discover how you can be part of the #UnAwkward campaign.

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