White Cane Day 2021 banner
White Cane Day is a 3-month long campaign with the aim of raising more funds for Guide Dogs Singapore. This will bolster their support for more people with vision impairment.

SINGAPORE (4 October, 2021) —Non-profit voluntary welfare organisation, Guide Dogs Singapore (GDS) launches a 3-month long campaign to celebrate White Cane Day (WCD) 2021 – A day that is celebrated every year on 15th October. 

White Cane Day helps raise awareness in our community that there are people with vision impairment (VI) living amongst us. While the pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone, it has been especially difficult for this particular group, as the new regulations and measures have made daily life more challenging.

For 15 years, GDS have been supporting their VI clients in regaining their mobility and independence to lead a fulfilling life, and have helped over 400 beneficiaries last year. Now, the pandemic has underscored this importance of being self-reliant and independent more than ever.

GDS’s rehabilitation programmes have allowed VI clients to now travel out independently, buy their own food and essential items, use assistive technology to stay connected with family and friends, and stay updated with the latest news – tasks that are often taken for granted. But this requires months of training, tenacity and tremendous efforts from the clients, who can now enjoy life to the fullest.  

“I craved the ability to travel and move about independently and without always having to be dependent on friends and family members to bring me to places I wanted to go. GDS has taught me valuable cane techniques and skills to keep myself safe when I am walking about outside on my own. Their classes have boosted my confidence and allowed me to feel empowered as I can travel to work on my own now,”

Amanda Chong, GDS Client

Now, join Guide Dogs Singapore to celebrate White Cane Day 2021 from this September to November as they commemorate these special milestones their VI clients have achieved through their perseverance and resilience. 

Follow Guide Dogs Singapore’s Facebook and Instagram pages to be kept up to date with content about the VI community such as the #DidYouKnow series which cover fun interesting facts, and #FacesOfGDS client features which aim to showcase their clients and their hobbies that are beyond their visual impairment. Stay tuned for their upcoming social media challenge and their Facebook Live event.

The public can also make a contribution via https://www.giving.sg/gds/wcd2021. Each donation will be matched by the Tote Board with a $1 for $1 grant, meaning a donation of $100 will entail a $200 donation in total. Physical cheques and cash donations to their online campaigns will also qualify for the donation matching if made between 11 September to 14 November 2021

GDS is a non-profit voluntary welfare organisation, and has been accorded Charity status by the Commissioner of Charities. We are registered with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) as an associate member and holds an Institute of Public Character status.
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