On 30 September 2017, we celebrated White Cane Community Day – ‘Guide Dogs Can Lah!’ at Westgate mall. It was a day filled with loads of fun and learning, with talks by specialists and experiential booths set up to help people gain a better understanding of the visually impaired community.

We welcomed an estimated 500 participants, and raised a total of $33,000. Thank you for helping us empower our clients with Visual Impairment (VI) on their journey to independence.

It is a continuous effort to assimilate the VI community to our society, and it starts from raising awareness in the public. So once again, thank you to everyone who made this event a success: our partners, donors, volunteers, of course – visitors who took the time to stop by and learn more about our VI counterparts!

White Cane Community Day 2017 - Guide Dogs Can Lah!
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